The Ferment [Cheese] Event

Eating wonderful cheese in a museum is nothing new.  Appreciating wonderful cheese as an art form in a museum is totally new.

Ferment [Cheese] at the Berkeley Art Museum celebrated the sight, smell, sound, touch and taste of handmade cheese.  While cowbells lightly chimed, cheese-lovers of all ages happily meandered through a series of tasting and demonstration areas. Milk tasting and appreciation by the Straus Family Creamery provided direct experience in the difference between cow and goat's milk.

Sue Conley ~ Cowgirl Creamery Co-founder  
Beyond the distinctive animal tastes, subtle grass favors, the terrior of the milk, became apparent.  These flavors are then imparted to the cheese.

 From light and creamy to pungent and complex, cheeses of the award-winning Cowgirl Creamery, produced from Straus Family milk, were the centerpiece of the show. At regular intervals, a demonstration of basic cheese production drew enthusiastic crowds. A ten-year-old girl, already in love with the work, attended every one. Culminating the event was Sue Conley, a co-founder of Cowgirl Creamery.

After outlining the heartfelt start of her successful company, she talked at length about the importance of reclaiming and maintaining local economies.  She is an inspiring champion of a humane and sustainable way of life. Cowgirl Creamery Tours take place throughout the summer. Visit their website for more information.   Enjoy!