I've been called a (web) visionary.
So I'll claim the compliment.

Los Angeles Times BUSINESS
August 19, 2012
Talk about waiting for a payoff: Back in 1995, a group of fifth graders led by a clearly visionary video teacher named Cindy Gaffney created a PSA to get kids on the Internet. Eighteen years later, it is finally going viral.

CopperMind: Reared in a Sacrifice Zone
I grew up playing in the mine shafts and tailings of an iconic Sacrifice Zone. My devotion to technology is deep but, as a witness to capitalism at any cost, I know the annihilation that enabled its evolution.

In February of 2019, Edwin Dobb, a friend and fellow Buttician (his preferred demonym) encouraged me to join Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss, a project started by Peter Koch, a Montanan from Missoula. It was Ed's sudden death six months later that brought me to Extraction with a personal work called CopperMind: Reared in a Sacrifice Zone.

I'm ready to Raise a Ruckus. Tap 'er light, Ed.

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