Bologna Italy ~ Infused with a Taste for the Good Life

Bologna Italy is infused with the feeling that every day is a luxurious adventure. Shop windows and stalls are a constant presentation of delights. Cheese, prosciutto, wine, and pasta feed a vibrating elation of taste and transaction throughout Piazza Maggiore. The zenith, though, of this sensuous verve may be Cafe Gamberini, the oldest bakery in Bologna.

Cafe Pasticcera Gamberini
Seeing a Gamberini display for the first time, a visitor may thrill at the wonder of how such perfection could be produced for ordinary consumption. And then be further astounded the following day by a whole new array of flawless confection.

So to begin this new year with the sweetest of dreams, treat your eyes to this feast of Gamberini creations.  Enjoy 2015!