My Story

My first love was film production which quickly broadened into computer animation and an early version of the Internet with its many protocols, including the World Wide Web.  My clients in the San Francisco Bay Area included Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and the Lawrence Hall of Science

In 1993, while attending a release party for the Silicon Graphics Indy on the SGI campus in Santa Clara, I saw Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen demonstrate Mosaic, the first GUI Web browser. It was the equivalent of an ecstatic religious experience for the entire audience and I was immediately converted to Web evangelism.

After moving to Montana in 1995 to raise a young son, I volunteered to produce a Public Service Announcement for the Helena School District about the importance of using the Web. Seventeen years later, that PSA went viral on YouTube and continues to garner global recognition for the accuracy of its predictions.

Hired in 1998 as the Webmaster for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, my first major project was managing the successful integration of the RightNow Technology Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service into a new BCBSMT Website I built. From there my responsibilities expanded to include the development of BCBSMT's first online Provider Directory, implementing the Ektron Content Management System (CMS) and creating video productions for national BCBSMT conferences.  After eleven years, I left BCBSMT to do work that better satisfied my soul. 

In 2010, I became enchanted with small scale artisan and farmstead food production with particular emphasis on cheese.  Returning to the Bay Area, I became a Cheesemonger at Cowgirl Creamery while earning certification in cheesemaking, food production, and health safety requirements.  To support marketing for small scale producers, I started a blog called Ciao Gemma!, led Farm Tours for the California Artisan Cheese Guild and began developing a mobile application that uses Web video to "virtually introduce" small producers to potential customers right at the point of sale. 

My appreciation of handmade foods continues to deepen as I attend conferences, conduct workshops, and visit producers in Europe and the Americas. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to benefit small-scale producers through the power of digital media and believe it is critical to their survival in a world of global agri-business. There is no better way for me to utilize my skills. 

Please see my resume page for contact information and further details.

Cindy Gaffney